NEW YORK, Jan. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DarkPulse, Inc. (OTC:DPLS) announces today that on December 31, 2021, it filed a complaint against a convertible note debt funder for multiple alleged federal securities laws violations and is seeking the return of all stock (or its cash equivalent) amounting to $38,825,725.00 that may have been unlawfully taken by the defendant FirstFire Global Opportunity Fund, LLC.

The complaint may be accessed at our website via the following link:

“Our management team continues to stay focused on researching and identifying (alleged) illegal securities activities as reflected in the complaint that has, and continues to damage our shareholders,” said CEO Dennis O’Leary. “Our shareholders need to know that we will not relent in our efforts to identify and pursue those who have engaged in these, and other illegal securities activities involving our stock.” He continued, “I believe that every CEO has an obligation and a duty to seek recovery from any unlawful securities transactions that diluted shareholder value.” We are already defending our company against another alleged securities act violator, Carebourn Capital, LLC in a Minnesota state court. The SEC has recently filed an enforcement action against Carebourn Capital, LLC in Minnesota federal court alleging the same dealer registration violations that create the basis for our countersuits against Carebourn Capital, LLC. We anticipate another announcement soon regarding additional suits against certain unidentified posters on social media for potentially misleading and false statements designed to depress and manipulate our company’s stock.

It is managements intention to take any award by the courts and issue a special dividend to all shareholders of record in DPLS (in the event cash is recovered). This way, the shareholders may have the ability to get back what was taken from them. However, there is no guarantee that DPLS will be successful in such lawsuits.

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DarkPulse, Inc. uses advanced laser-based monitoring systems to provide rapid and accurate monitoring of temperatures, strains and stresses. The Company’s technology excels when applied to live, dynamic critical infrastructure and structural monitoring, including pipeline monitoring, perimeter and structural surveillance, aircraft structural components and mining safety. The Company’s fiber-based monitoring systems can assist markets that are not currently served, and its unique technology covers extended areas and any event that is translated into the detection of a change in strain or temperature. In addition to the Company’s ongoing efforts with respect to the marketing and sales of its technology products and services to its customers, the Company also continues to explore potential strategic alliances through joint venture and licensing opportunities to further expand its global market position.

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