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DarkPulse FAQ

How can I invest in DarkPulse, Inc.?

To connect with our IR team, you can email, or contact us through the website.

What are the common applications of DarkPulse's technology?

DarkPulse’s EREBOS™ system has wide applications, and examples of use continue to broaden and diversify.

To date, the technology has been used in security, mining, oil & gas, pipeline, aerospace, and more.

What is DarkPulse focusing on now as a company?

Beyond assisting new partners find suitable applications of the EREBOS system to their individual needs, DarkPulse is committed to expanding its portfolio.

Acquisitions are frequently considered, and deeper involvement with infrastructure and critical resource management is also of interest to the company.

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How do I connect with DarkPulse to see if the technology is applicable to my needs?

We are always looking for new clients and partners. If you have a critical resource or infrastructure issue, or are curious about how the DarkPulse technology may apply to your needs, please contact us on the website or email