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Identifying potential catastrophic structural issues within Aerospace and Aeronautic Engineering Resources Before they Occur

Protecting Aerospace Resources

DarkPulse’s carbon-fiber sensing has applications within and beyond Earth’s atmosphere. We offer the ability to monitor critical metrics from production to service and beyond, with real-time monitoring of aerospace components, including fuel cells, utilizing BOTDA sensors. These solutions help to protect these resources through all flights and operations.

With a DarkPulse system, critical pressure, temperature, strain, and degradation are able to be monitored with unrivaled accuracy, allowing for comprehensive monitoring of critical values and early warning of changes and potential problems, resulting in corrective action before an accident occurs. In addition, we’re able to monitor carbon fiber while in the autoclave to ensure a good “bake” – referring to void detection, adherence, critical temperature monitoring while curing.

As more players take the stage in aeronautic engineering endeavors, and space becomes a destination for more entities, DarkPulse technology applications will result in the preservation and protection of critical systems and resources.

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