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Ensuring Security and Monitoring Excellence for Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP)

Safeguarding Safety and Surveillance Supremacy

Through our subsidiary Optilan we successfully delivered a comprehensive Pipeline Monitoring System (PMS), along with advanced Leak Detection, Buried Intruder Detection (BIDs), and Fence Intruder Detection (FIDS) systems for the esteemed client, ABB. The project aimed to provide TANAP with cutting-edge solutions to monitor the entire pipeline for intrusion, leaks, and seismic activity, bolstering security at 63 sites along the pipeline route.

The Remit

The project’s main objective was to design and implement a robust monitoring and detection infrastructure for TANAP. Optilan’s expertise was instrumental in creating a comprehensive solution that covered both onshore and offshore locations, allowing TANAP to ensure the safety and security of the extensive natural gas pipeline.

TANAP pipeline construction

The Solution

Optilan’s team of experts developed and deployed a state-of-the-art solution encompassing the following components:

Pipeline Monitoring System (PMS):

The PMS provided continuous monitoring of the pipeline’s integrity, swiftly detecting any potential threats.

Leak Detection System:

The Leak Detection System offered real-time alerts for any gas leaks, enabling rapid response to prevent further escalation.

Buried Intruder Detection (BIDs) and Fence Intruder Detection (FIDS) Systems:

These advanced systems ensured robust security, detecting, and deterring any unauthorized access or intrusion attempts along the pipeline.

The comprehensive suite of monitoring and detection systems empowered TANAP with enhanced safety and proactive threat response capabilities.

Expert Commissioning and Fine-Tuning

Following the implementation, Optilan professionals meticulously conducted commissioning and fine-tuning of all systems. This rigorous process ensured the systems’ optimal performance and accuracy in detecting any anomalies or disturbances.

Site Acceptance Test and Handover

Upon successful commissioning, Optilan conducted a Site Acceptance Test, validating the system’s performance against the specified requirements. The project concluded with a seamless handover of the fully operational monitoring and detection systems to TANAP.

Ongoing Operational Support

Our subsidiary, Optilan’s commitment to excellence extended beyond project completion. The team provided continuous operational support to TANAP, ensuring the sustained efficiency and performance of the monitoring and detection systems.

Empowering TANAP’s Security and Efficiency

With the successful deployment of the Pipeline Monitoring System and advanced detection systems, TANAP now enjoys elevated security and efficiency along its extensive natural gas pipeline. Our subsidiary’s expertise has played a vital role in strengthening TANAP’s capabilities to safeguard critical infrastructure and proactively respond to any potential security threats.

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